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SMPS is a high efficiency, switch mode power supply specifically designed to be used in combination with our modules.

Key features include high efficiency over the entire load range, extremely small form factor, low weight and very low radiated and conducted EMI.

The SMPS also features an upgraded over current protection which in case of temporary overload simply reduces the output voltage, only when the overload condition remains for a longer time the supply will enter hiccup mode until the overload condition disappears. This feature combined with large electrolytic buffer capacitors leads to the capability of delivering high dynamic headroom power to the connected amplifier.

A new feature in our new power supplies is the automatic input voltage selector which accommodates quasi universal mains capabilities. An auxiliary isolated supply to power possible user applications is also included.


The supply is triggered for normal operation or latched off in case of a critical fault via in built-in actuators. The SMPS is optimized from the first phase of design to final implementation to realize the low EMI signature required of the most demanding audio applications.



High efficiency
Extremely small form factor


Supply for single or multiple Hypex Electronics UcD and Ncore amplifiers
High-end audio amplification

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