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Seetek EMS attained ISO 9001:2015 certification since 23-May-2018.

Information Security Policy 

Seetek information is a value asset and must be protected from unauthorized disclosure, modification or destruction. Suitable information security policies standards and practices must be implemented to ensure that confidentiality, integrity and availability of information within Seetek is not compromised.

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Seetek management understands the importance of securing the information. The overall ISMS Policies statement is:


Seetek strives to ensure that its business operations and supporting functions persistently perform as planned. We realized that information is vital in the pursuant of organization of its vision and mission. Hence, it is the aim of Seetek that:

•⁠  ⁠information that is disbursed or produced have absolute integrity,

•⁠  ⁠information is made available in a timely manner, and

•⁠  ⁠Information is conveyed to the rightful recipient, and on need-to-know basis.

Seetek Information Security Policy is aimed to communicate management intent and supporting goals and principles for information security in line with Seetek business processes.


This Information Security Policy shall be communicated throughout the organization to users in a form that is relevant, accessible, and understandable. 

Seetek also committed to the adherence of regulatory and legislation pertaining to date and information. Seetek anticipates information security risk and establishing mitigation plan.


It is also obligation of Seetek to continuously give awareness on information security and establishing improvement in affirming the relevancy of information security management all the time.

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