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Over the past two decades UcD™ (Universal class D) has played a significant role in Class-D amplifier technology. What started at the time as a modest amplifier for the DIY-market soon became a worldwide success. 

2003 saw the start of a migration of all Hypex products to Class-D. For this, a license deal was closed with Philips for the ‘Universal class D’ circuit. Realizing the market potential of the circuit, Hypex decided not only to use the technology in completed subassemblies, but also to sell amplifier modules to the DIY market. The UcD180 and UcD400 modules have quickly established themselves as the new standard, both in terms of measured and subjective performance.

The astonishing simplicity combined with a powerful performance guaranteed that UcD™ successfully found its way into numerous homes, churches, cinema’s, recording studios and even stadiums. UcD™ is used in HiFi, High End and Pro audio applications and became a highly appreciated and true universal amplifier technique.

But progress comes with change. To stay ahead of the competition and meet current and future consumer demands, our Research & Development team never sits still. They are constantly working on new techniques and innovations. After 20 years of loyal service and after having sold well over 1.000.000 amplifiers it was time for UcD™ to take a step back and make room for a brand new technology called NCORE®.


*Anno 2023: UcD™ is still manufactured and sold by Hypex.

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